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About Me


I'm an educator at heart. I started teaching many years ago and have never stopped. Inspired and cautioned over the years, I do my absolute best to bring important and useful information to the people I work with.

These days I continue to teach through: psychoeducation in the therapy room, mentoring, consulting with individuals & organizations, speaking in-person & online, and teaching classes and workshops. I believe good information creates better understanding, behavior, and connection. I do my best to embody that.

I'm a therapist; systemically trained with a focus in identity and relationships. I like working with complex systems/groups and am happy to work with people like you who are interested in making positive change. In practice, I'm a psychoeducationalist, which means I believe in bringing good information to help you make better decisions. I enjoy helping people grow and to find their best selves. 

In the last decade I’ve become a theorist. In this, I’m a complexifier, someone who takes an idea people “know” and pulls it apart to get at the heart and nuance. Using systems theory, my understanding of people, the practice of therapy, and an insatiable curiosity, I work to understand the world around me and the ways people interact. When inspired, I write down my understandings and teach them to others.

More personally, I’m a middle-aged, gender-queer, non-monogamous, Non-Binary Trans Fem individual who continues to explore herself/themselves. I love being out in the mountains. I enjoy woodworking. I’ve been a table-top role-player for decades. I tend to work too much. And, I love working with people; believing them a vast and fascinating tapestry of identity, culture, and interconnections.

Oh, and I love answering questions. If you want to know more about me, ask.

Organizations I Work With:

  • The Consent Academy - Founder, Director Emeritus, & Educator

  • AAMFT & WAAMFT (Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) - Professional Member & Advocate

  • Antioch University - Professor

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